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© 2014-2018 Acropolis Appraisals LLC. Acropolis Appraisals is a registered trademark  of Acropolis Appraisals LLC.


Acropolis Appraisals offers two levels of professional services based on our clients' varied needs. And unlike the simple values given at your local gun shop, our appraisals are comprised of professionally prepared documents without bias and not contrived of purposfully reduced values for personal profit. 


Our Professional Opinion of Value and our Full Professional Appraisal are designed to suit different purposes while maintaining standards set forth by the USPAP. Review our easy-to-read chart below to see which appraisal best meets your specific needs.

Professional Opinion of Value

(click to view the sample)

Full Professional Appraisal*

(click to view the sample)

The Professional Opinion of Value is developed to best establish values of firearms for personal use; however, this appraisal does not meet the stringent requirements for court proceedings or the IRS and is not USPAP compliant.


The Full Professional Appraisal is USPAP compliant and prepared to meet all the elements of a document presented in court and to satisfy the IRS requirements that define a qualified appraisal.

Cost for each service, whether the opinion of value or the full appraisal, is based on several variables including:

  • Quantity of items

  • Type of personal property

  • Research and documentation

  • Travel expenses

Call us at 330-705-4301 to schedule a consultation and

determine which service is best for you.

* The Full Professional Appraisal sample does not include the cover pages, appraiser biography, index, appendices or additional photographs and documents that are included in an actual appraisal. The property used is listed and valued as a sample only and does not infer actual market values.