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Customer service is one of our primary core values so it makes sense to gauge the success of our business by the satisfaction of those we are here to serve. Read what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Acropolis Appraisals.

"I am writing this note to thank you and your staff for appraising my friend's military collection and preparing it for auction. The formal appraisal you prepared was excellent, including both photos and detailed descriptions of each item.

Your whole team at Acropolis is professional and knowledgeable, as well as personable. Your willingness to take our phone calls and asnwer various questions and concerns was greatly appreciated.

We are so impressed with your knowledge of history and were delighted to hear you tell us the 'stories' behind the items in the collection. We feel that your knowledge, attention to detail, and presentation of the collection were key in the success of the auction and we are truly grateful."

                                                                                                                                - Janet M.; Client

                                                                                                                                  Estate Appraisal

"I was extremely impressed with Acropolis Appraisals. Their communications from start to finish were exemplary. Never having gone through an appraisal, I didn't know what to expect, especially for such a sizeable collection, but their team made certain that their visit had no impact on our library's day-to-day operations. They were professional throughout the entire process and handled our collection with the utmost care. They even took extra time to meet with the donor to ensure that they had the complete story behind each item. The appraisal document they provided exceeded my expectations and I was completely satisfied with the work performed by Acropolis Appraisals. I recommend their services without hesitation."

                                                                                                 - Rob Y.; Client, University Museum

                                                                                                        Non-Cash Charitable Donation

"I began doing business with Dobransky Firearms in 2011 after my home was broken into and among the items stolen was my go-to Smith & Wesson .38 revolver. Even before I purchased a replacement firearm, owner Dave Dobransky printed a description of the stolen gun and gave me enough copies to drop off at all the local stores where it might have been taken for resale.


Shortly after that, I asked Dave to appraise the rest of my firearms. They came to my home and did the appraisal. When they submitted the appraisal, I was very pleased. It contained a color photograph of each firearm along with a complete description  including serial number, condition explanation and estimated retail value.


I would, and have, highly recommend this service.


Since that time, Dave has launched Acropolis Appraisals. I am sure this new service will reflect the professionalism that I experienced. If you would like to speak to me directly, please contact Dave and he will make the arrangements."


                                                                                                      -Bill L.; Client, Firearm Collector

                                                                                                                           Insurance Appraisal

"I recently donated a large WW2 military collection to a local college. Never having gone through an appraisal, I had no idea of how big a job it was. I also had no idea who to contact. I got on the computer and came up with Dave, the owner of Acropolis Appraisals. After Dave explained to me what had to be done to satisfy the IRS, I knew that it was his company who I wanted to do the job for me. I want to commend you and your staff for a big job well done. I want you to know that I was very pleased with the quality of professionalism and tender loving care you gave to my collection. Even though you and your staff were very busy, you took on my collection and you set a deadline and you made good on all your deadlines. Your price of the complete job was very reasonable. We will call on Acropolis Appraisals for our next donation. I wish to thank you for all that you have done for me."    


                                                                                                    -Joe K.; Client, Militaria Collector

                                                                                                        Non-Cash Charitable Donation




More testimonials to come!